Manage your data on Systemguiden

What is Systemguiden?

Systemguiden is a database based on the unique knowledge we at HerbertNathan & Co receive in our daily work with ongoing system acquisitions and the information we receive from system vendors and their partners. The purpose of the Systemguiden is to present basic information about the leading ERP and HCM systems on the market. The system guide will be expanded with additional system types furter on. The system guide is provided and administered by HerbertNathan & Co.

To be the admin of the System Guide

Being an administrator of Systemguiden means that you can update certain parts of the data presented about your organization and your product / products. Some things worth knowing about Systemguiden:

  • It is free of submission to be seen on Systemguiden
  • At present, we only display system suppliers within ERP and HR
  • You can have more than one administrator
  • As an admin, you get the opportunity to keep your information up to date
  • Update your information as often as you like

Benefits of being visible on Systemguiden

We at HerbertNathan & Co are currently experiencing a record-breaking interest from customers to "take the next step" in development, often under the somewhat general heading "digitalization". In this process, we at HerbertNathan & Co are a frequently hired party who, with our vendor independence, have achieved great success in recent years.

By being represented in the System Guide, you get:

  • Exposure to a relevant target group that expands outside your own arena
  • Control over large parts of the data presented about your organization and your product / products

  • Appear in a vendor independent guide where you are exposed on the same terms as other vendors in the market


This is how the process works

  1. Fill in the form on the right for a personal login.
  2. Your login details to Systemguidens admin page will be sent by e-mail within 1-3 working days.
  3. As logged in, you can update info about your organization, your existing products and also add new products.
  4. When you click Submit, the update goes to HerbertNathan & Co for approval (during this period you can continue to submit updates).
  5. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail when the publication is made.
  6. Your approved updates are now visible on Systemguiden.